building strength, endurance, stamina and flexibility

  building strength, endurance, stamina and flexibility

Benefits of Classical Pilates

The Classical Pilates exercise method for has been used for years, but in recent years it has been a buzz word in the media because the movie stars and elite athletes use it to maintain their shape. Tiger Woods, Chris Evert, Martina Navratilova, Madonna, Jennifer Aniston, Ali McGraw, Stefanie Powers have been using this technique for years because it is low impact, flattens the abdominal muscles and reshapes and tones the whole body without stressing the joints. Dancers, Golfers, Football players, tri-athletes, ice skaters and gymnasts all understand the importance of alignment to reduce muscle imbalance and use Pilates to improve muscle firing patterns for their activities.

The practice of Classical Pilates brings many benefits which include:

  • flattening the abdomen,
  • building stamina
  • building strength,
  • improving flexibility
  • correcting musculo-skeletal imbalances,
  • preventing back pain,
  • correcting poor posture
  • creating a longer and leaner body.
  • increasing lung capacity,

Regardless of your age or fitness level you will develop greater body awareness and learn that with the will and desire to workout you can feel and look different after a few months.

Because of the levels of concentration and control required during the workout many people have reported feeling energised and less depressed.

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